We are a private tuition company who believe that every child should be given well planned opportunities to develop their knowledge through enjoyable, challenging learning activities.


At Ignite Tuition, we have used our combined teaching experience in UK schools to devise effective teaching strategies and resources which offer children engaging English and mathematics lessons that build upon the National Curriculum learning objectives.


So what makes us different to other tuition services?


Firstly, as teachers, we understand the importance of getting a balance between fun and learning, especially in the school holidays. We have listened to parents’ feedback about finding the right balance between study and their child’s need to play and rest out of school. We understand how progress can sometimes ‘dip’ in the break from school if that balance is not achieved and believe that with the ‘small and often’ approach, pupils can easily maintain their level of attainment, whilst still having plenty of time with family and friends in the holiday!


Secondly, because we have years of experience teaching one to one, small groups and full classrooms, we know how important it is to get the setting right for effective teaching and learning and believe that collaborative learning is essential in promoting critical thinking. By engaging in group discussion, studies have shown that children achieve higher levels of thought and retain information for longer than can be achieved through purely independent learning. We also love to listen to our pupils as much as possible in lessons, which is why our class sizes will always consist of 15 pupils or less.